Farewell 1984 (24-31 December)

Here’s your “Bumper Christmas Issue”! Just over a week’s worth of entries to round off the year cleanly (I do have some OCD tendencies) including a christmas present list and the emotional musings I randomly scribbled in the final pages of the diary. Enjoy…

Monday 24/12/84

Woke late again. Did nothing till 11:00 when (after shaving cream, towel & water fights) went & delivered some chemicals. Stayed at Keane’s for a drink then after lunch at Jenny’s came home, watch TV & had quite a late night.

Tuesday 25/12/84

CHRISTMAS DAY. Woke early & tried unsuccessfully to sleep in. Dad came & we opened our presents. Wasn’t too happy with all of them. (the list of things is on the 3rd last page of this book.) [I have photographed said page but also transcribed it for ease of viewing, below. In defence of my ‘ingratitude’ with regard to gifts received, it actually stems from an inherent abhorrence of Waste. It upset me that people wasted their money on something I didn’t want, would never use/wear. This kind of sentiment underlies the anti-materialism attitude I developed in later years. Suffice to say, my ingratitude became an indelible mark on me, because my father & stepmother still bring it up on the odd occasion…] After Dad, Jacki, Jenny & Anthony left, went to a Xmas (dinner) lunch at Dianne & Kerry’s. Came home early & watched TV. Went to bed at 10:20 but just couldn’t get to sleep. 

A Life in Words

MUM – nothing, but I understand our/her financial problems

DAD – other ½ of bike!! silver chain bracelet

JULIA – lemon yellow jewellery stand [which was actually a kitchen cup/mug holder!]

NANA – lead pencils, rubbers, ruler, sharpener, soaps, diary-type book, school sox & a writing set/paper [a very typical style of gift from my grandma. I’m surprised there weren’t any handkerchiefs as well]

PAPA – big yellow beach towel

GEOFF – $25 voucher for Sportsgirl

JENNY & CO – eyeshadow

JODI & CO – baby pink shirt, $10 & 1 (crappy) ←(naaaah!) make up set

PAM & CO – bright necklace

BEV & CO – bright bracelet/bangle & nailpolish

DIANE B. & CO – blue & yellow polyester/cotton mini-dress

MRS M. – pen & watch set

MANDY & CO – one strap T shirt

Wednesday 26/12/84

BOXING DAY. Went to Robinson’s for a Christmas drink & ended up staying all day. Watched a video, played pool (Billiards or whatever) when they dropped us home, we gave them a tour of the house. The Skinners were at the Fishers. Had an early-ish night.

Thursday 27/12/84

With Geoff’s Sportsgirl voucher, Jules mum & I went into town & got some gear. I bought a hot pink singlet with Sportsgirl written on it & a red & white striped Tshirt with a collar & front buttons. Julia bought a pair of white shorts, a white Tshirt & a red cap. At home, mum ironed while Jules & I played records. Went to Clarke’s for a Christmas drink, ended up staying for tea. Got home about 11:30.

Friday 28/12/84

Woke early & went to work. Finished all the remaining drums (67 = $14.50) then dad said he’d pay me $4 per hr for labelling drums.  I did 3hrs so my day’s total was $26.50. After, went to shipyard – wharf saw Glenn & Lynn C. for drinks

Saturday 29/12/84

Woke early-ish & went to Earlville. Looked around for a while but finally bought a neat pair of white with pink pinstripes shorts, a 1985 diary, record “Make It Big” by WHAM! and the January “Dolly”. Went to dad’s after lunch. That night Jenny, Julia, Dad & I went to drive-In. Gonna see “Muppets Take Manhattan” at the cinema but at Drive In, saw Footloose & “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom” Were both terriffic.

Sunday 30/12/84

Went to Gordonvale to deliver some products today then spent the rest of the day at Peta & Marney’s. WAS VERY HOT.

Monday 3/12/84

A Life in WordsWell it’s about 12:10, so I shouldn’t be writing in this diary. I dunno why but I’m extra sad this year. When I mentioned I forgot my 1985 Diary to Dad my eyes began to water. Luckily no one saw. Today, I mean ‘yesterday’ Dec. 31 I just read books all day. We had a New year’s Eve Party at Dad’s. I don’t know why I’m so emotional. Last year wasn’t my favourite year.

It wasn’t a very good year at all.

On the inside back cover of the diary I had written the following:

A life in Words at the top, and at the bottom: 
A Life in Words

Christmas Shopping (17-23 December)

Monday 17/12/84 A Life in Words

Went to town with Justine at 12:00. S’posed to try to buy some shirts – couldn’t find any. Got Julia’s chrissy present also got some pale pink nail polish, grey eyeliner, 3 butterfly hair clips (1 4 me, other 2 for mim & Fi’s chrissy prezzys.) Julia found her present tonite. Stupid bitch. I’ll have to refund/change them now.

Tuesday 18/12/84

Julia has some sort of wog, Poor girl. I went to work for dad. Cleaned drums and earned $20!! [Some of the work I did for my father would be illegal in this day & age. My primary job was to wash out 10 litre cube drums that had had chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite with a hose, for recycling. No protective clothing, footwear, gloves, eyewear or respiratory masks. OH &S and Risk Management were non-existent in the ’80’s] Oh! I forgot tot tell you yesterday I finally put up the christmas decorations! After I’d come home from town that is.

Wednesday 19/12/84 A Life in Words

Went to see “Gremlins” with mim, fi, polly & anna. stayed in town after. Got Geoff’s Julia’s & Dad’s presents (couldn’t refund Julia’s records.) Nana left for Sydney today so I didn’t have to get her a present after all. Thank God! I can’t afford any more! A Life in Words

Thursday 20/12/84

Worked at Dad’s again today. Was quite hot. Am tired. (I earned exactly $20 & a pair of sunburnt thighs!)

Friday 21/12/84

Spent the whole day at Earlville with Julia. Got mum’s, Jodie’s, Michael’s, mim’s & Fi’s prezzys. Have no money left but no more presents to buy!! At home, I wrapped them all.

Saturday 22/12/84 A Life in Words

IS SO HOT!! Lazed around today. Finished wrapping all prezzys then watched TV all day. Ate too much. Going to dad’s tomorrow.

Sunday 23/12/84

Woke late, actually. Can’t believe I have not  woken up before 7:00 one day of the holidays so far! Packed bag & watched TV till dad came. Julia went with  Jenny. 10 min delay at Oak Beach. A van had rolled no one was hurt, tho. Just watched TV at Jenny’s.

Last Week of Grade 9 (10-16 December)

Monday 10/12/84

HOT got home at 6:45, to our flat at 7:40. Got to 1st busstop & saw the bus. Panicked but found out that the bus always sits at the stop if its too early. In double BP, had to move typewriters to L7/8. Heat! But at little lunch a giant downpour & wind cooled off. Not hungry tea & toast brekky, choccy thickshake lunch cereal for arvy tea & 2 sausages & sultanas for tea. Sean M. is a spunk. I think he’s terrifically good-looking. Hope he’s seen me. [Meaning, I hope he’s noticed that I exist] Can’t wait for the excursion tomorrow. Maybe something good will happen…?

Tuesday 11/12/84 A Life in Words

Alright. Hot on bus, headache at Brewery. (also a free soft drink!) 1hr at the esplanade, then got bored at the Waterworks. Sean didn’t go on the slides. Kept my eyes open – scanning, but found he spent most of his time on the video games. Hunky, brown trim body. Went to Fi’s tonight while Julia went to her Presentation/Disco/Graduation Night. Late nite. Lysarne P. won the “Citizen of the Year” Award. Jules had been working hard to get that one & bitch features won it. [My opinion of that entire family was evidently tarnished following the attack her mother made on ‘us’ in the previous week]

Wednesday 12/12/84

Boring day. Did nothing in most classes. Di & Kerry are minding us. Watched “Superman” It finished around 12:00. Got to bed about 1:00

Thursday 13/12/84

Great day!! Big bludge. At lunch there was a cricket match – YR8 & teachers vs Yr9. Sean was in the team so I wanted to skip 6th & 7th periods but Ms Clayton kept a few of us in (me, of course) to polish desks & had to go to BP. Just bludged anyway (Talked) In both lessons ¾ of the class were absent. NOT FAIR

Friday 14/12/84

Am not excited, really. Today doesn’t seem as important as it was months ago, i.e. I wish it was still school. Why? Cos I won’t see Sean for 6 weeks, unless he goes to the Bluelight. In PES, sat with Tina, Shelley & Melissa in B4. Mr Martin’s science class was in B1 so I got to see Sean. Left school at 1:00 after a wierd form party & litter parade [enmasse student rubbish collection]. Bored at home. Going to Jay’s party at 6:30. Wish (He) was invited I [some indiscernible word] him. Party was different. Justine & I stayed by ourselves (I had the feeling Jemima was till angry with me) Mum came 2HRS late. (12:30) Anna knows I like Sean now – she thinks he’s up himself. I don’t!!

A Life in WordsSaturday 15/12/84 

Very boring day. Mum finished my orange skirt for the Bluelight. Looks great!! Can’t wait! Rang mim & apologized myself (Polly told me that was wat she was really waiting for) Fiona could have told me earlier. Bluelight – little boring, very hot. Saw Sean 3 times (very shortly) wearing dark coloured clothes.

Sunday 16/12/84

Hot & boring. Made some bikkies, Jules & I basked under the sun (& hose!) Got a little burnt here & there.